Get J. Lo’s Body With These Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Lopez is one the celebrities out there who you would applaud when it comes to staying in shape. She has been in the industry for more than a decade now and she doesn’t seem to look aging at all. She is already in her 40s and you have to admit that she does look the same when she did the Anaconda movie that marked her stardom. And now, she already has 2 kids and can still rock an A-list body. Want to know her secret? Here they are.
Dark Chocolate for Breakfast: According to experts, dark chocolates are perfect to add to your diet plan because it contains a lot of free radicals that would speed up your metabolism. Your fats can easily be broken down by it without resulting to any side effect that would inflame your body. According to Tel Aviv University, it is during breakfast that eating dark chocolates would be ideal due to the fact that the body’s metabolism is high during that time of the day.
Coffee Before Gym: Just like dark chocolates, coffee is a good antioxidant and it is good in burning fats. So pound in some coffee before your workout session. It will help you speed up your stamina, which would help in increasing your heart beat rate and it could lead to a normal and regular blood flow. You won’t easily get tired as well during training at the gym when you drink coffee before your warm up.
Bagel During Warm Up: It is not just an ordinary bagel though; she only has white bagel before a session of working out. It is a high carb food, which is good before hitting the gym because it serves as the fuel for your body to actually lose fat. Other types of bread would just end up clogging up fats in your body since they are mostly processed. Avoid those and stick to this.
Burger After Lifting: For those of you who love burgers, now you have a good reason to eat them without feeling guilty about it. It is best to eat them right after lifting some weights. Make sure that the meat is lean and you won’t have a problem with it. So why do you need some red meat after all as part of your diet? The answer is simple and it is because you will need it to regulate the bad cholesterol in your body. Plus lean red meat could easily absorb omega 3 fatty acids, which is good for your heart. And remember, anything that is good for your heart means good for your blood flow, which leads to your cholesterols burning fast.
You can now finally achieve J. Lo’s body with these 4 helpful tips. But you must be diligent and consistent in doing these and you can’t just go with your mood or whenever you feel like being on a health kick. Take note or bookmark this for future use and you can also share it with your friends.

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