The Top 3 Breakfast To Lose Weight

If you are skipping breakfast to lose weight, don’t. It is the most important meal of the day, so skipping it would even just cause you to gain weight. It doesn’t matter how busy or how late you are for work or school; you must have your breakfast. Now if your old breakfast meals don’t work for you to lose weight, then you might want to check out these other options.

Eggs: Have your metabolism speed up with this one food that would actually help you achieve that goal. A simple egg would do the trick. You could have it hard-boiled or even scrambled. Poached is also good but you might want to skip the sunny side up way to do it because the chemical reaction that happens to that turns into a fatty food.
Sandwiches: Make sure you heat these sandwiches and it is best if they are whole wheat. Add some egg on it or even bacon. You read it right that you can add bacon. Just don’t fry the bacon with oil because that is already greasy. You will need the protein you will get from it anyway and since it is warm, your body would easily burn it especially once you start moving.
Oats: This is highly recommended, as they are even good for you heart. Add some fruits to them and you are set to face your day. The best part is that they even really taste good. You can also top it with strawberries and don’t forget to add milk. If you haven’t tried adding blueberry or chocolate to your oats, then you might also want to check that out. Oatmeal is rich in Vitamin B so that means it would keep you energize the whole day and that is exactly what you need.
Fruit Shakes: If you are not into smoothies before, you might want to start being a fan now. You can start with bananas and milk or strawberries. You can even mix the two and come up with your own flavored fruits shakes. The best part is not just the fact that they are healthy, but you can also have fun making them. Who know but it could even be a good business idea. Fruit smoothies will also give you the boost that you need to face the day and the glow that you need since they are made of fruits.

You can mix up all of this food or schedule them according to your mood. They are easy to make and they are delicious so you won’t have to sacrifice your taste buds just to have a healthy breakfast. You can also eat them anytime of the day if you are in the mood for snacking. But morning is the best time because they would help in burning your fats and calories so easily. Try this list for the nest 3 weeks and see the results yourself. These are very light yet the result is going to be heavy.

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